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Professionalism In Improving Public Service District Community Trust. A professional
public service need to employ personnel who are competent as a policy implementor. This study aims
to identify and analyze the implementation of the Administrative Services Integrated Subdistrict
(PATENT) in an effort professionalism of the public service in Siak and to analyze the factors affecting
such implementation so as to optimize the role of districts as the leader in providing services to the
public. This study used a qualitative method is mainly used to describe (descriptive) and explain
(explanatory). Selection of qualitative methods are used from the desire to analyze and recognize the
problems and justification of the status and practices are ongoing, verified and then we got the result
to making a plan in the future. From the research data showed that the imple-mentation of the Patent
in Siak already well underway. This was evidenced by analyzing the level of compliance of the
bureaucracy and the smooth routine procedure that could have been done according to standard
that has been set. From the results of this study also found that of the four factors the data submitted,
the most dominant factor affecting the implementation of this program is the factor of the executing
agencies. The implementor policy of high integrity in carrying out the work assigned to him.

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