Abdul Sadad


Social Conflict Management and Effort Solved. Social conflict in Riau generally triggered
by a dispute over natural resources, agriculture and forestry. The existence of land in Riau system
disorder such as overlapping land permits on the ground that trigger social conflict. Not least in
Pelalawan, social conflict in this district is high, especially conflicts related to plantations. Given
the breadth of the plantation in Pelalawan, and high population growth in this area will possibly
many social conflicts. The purpose of this study was to analyze how the prevention of social
conflicts, whoever the parties involved in the prevention of social conflict in the social conflict in
Pelalawan, and how the conflict resolution. The method used in this research is descriptive
qualitative research instrument in the form of in-depth interviews, observation and documentation.
The results showed that the dominant conflict occurred in the regency is a natural resource
conflicts. This happens because of government policies that arbitrarily granting licenses and
concessions to companies engaged in extractive such as plantations and large-scale mining. Open
new plantations of palm oil, both on land which claimed the community as their communal land, or
by converting forest.

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