Yuli Tirtariandi El Anshori, Jasrial m


Role of The Ombudsman in Progress Complaint Case of Public Service. So far it can be
said that there are still many people who doubted gait ORI institutions. Especially when he was
named the National Ombudsman Commission, Bangka Belitung not all districts/cities have
ombudsmen, KON even at the provincial level did not exist. When KON changed its name to ORI,
quite the opposite in the province there are representatives of ORI, but in districts / cities have not
stood ORI representative. This research is expected to obtain information on how the maximum
role during this run ORI in the resolution of cases / disputes public services, what are the constraints
and how the strategy adopted to memkasimalkan the role. To achieve this it will do exploratory
research on ORI Representative Babel province today, also reveals again the existence of the
Ombudsman Bangka regency level ever stood. The theory used in this research is the theory of
the Public Service, including New Public Service, and Organizational Theory. The method used is
the field observation, in-depth interviews, literature/documents. This step is done by content
analysis of documents and legislation, and intensive discussions with stakeholders. The final
results obtained from this study is that the authority possessed by the Ombudsman Representative
Babel province is very large because it is protected by law. Nevertheless, there are obstacles in the
implementation of the authority that the Ombudsman Representative Babel is still bound by the
existing regulations in implementing its authority. For example, making recommendations can not
be done alone, but is merely a draft which will be finalized by ORI Center.

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