Dadang Mashur


Development Strategy to City Metropolitan City Pekanbaru Madani. Implementation
of development in the city of Pekanbaru be quite benefited, because Pekanbaru is one of three
cities in Indonesia are predicted to continue to grow and become an investment option in the Year
2016. This means that construction can still be forwarded Pekanbaru and Pekanbaru City
development is experiencing enhancements to the appreciable. Various programs and activities
are gradually able to address the challenges and problems that are increasingly complex. Pekanbaru
superior because this city is home to several multinational companies, especially in the oil-gas
sector, and plantations. Economic growth above 8 percent, allows power consumption dynamically
move people. Hence the need for the property, especially residential, commercial and continues
to show growth in the city of Pekanbaru. Predictions in 2016, the development of homes will
increase, so too twisted for hospitality, and a shopping center. There are five development
strategies undertaken to realize the vision of Pekanbaru to the metropolitan city civil Firstly, the
use of spatial effective and efficient, because Pekanbaru has limited regions. Second, the
development and provision of basic infrastructure includes roads, water, electricity, and
telecommunications, the next third is through smart city and livable city. Fourth, working together
Pekanbaru, Siak, Kampar, and Pelalawan (Week Sikawan). Fifth is empowering to the community
by building Pekanbaru communities become self-reliant, tough, and has a high competitiveness.

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