Titi Darmi


Implementation of Good Governance for Public Service. This study by the low
background backs of public service integrity shaped field of administrative services, namely E-ID
documents, Business License and IMB in Bengkulu city government according to a Commission
survey last 3 years (2011, 2012, 2013). Suspected cause is the values of good governance in the
public service have not been applied in Bengkulu city government. The purpose of this study to
determine the extent of the application of the principles of good governance in the service of
making the E-ID card, Business License and IMB in Bengkulu city government. The research
method is through a qualitative approach in the form of a case study with the technique of indepth
interviews, observation and documents. The informants are employees who have contributed
to the publication of administrative services in the form of documents. The results showed that
basically the municipal government of Bengkulu in this case BP2T, Department of City Planning,
Department of Industry and Trade, and the dept and the District Se-town Bengkulu already
begun to implement the principles of good governance for public service E-KTP, Business License
and IMB, though not appropriate with community expected. The cause is for service: 1) E-ID card
due to several things, for example the policy is still centralized in terms of printing blank ID cards
carried by the center; 2) License and IMB, both this public service appointments and timeliness
of completion has not been in accordance with the SOP due to service in Bengkulu city government
is still implementing a one-stop service. The researchers suggest, the municipal government in
the future should use the pattern of one-stop service.

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